Gimme Props 2016

California Dreaming Edition

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What is this place?

You have entered the magical world of Gimme Props, where we help you figure out a position on the 17 California propositions on the ballot this year. Unless you have the stamina to read through the official voter guide (yuck!) or want to read one of the many excellent "this makes hella sense" guides out there, this option is the laziest one next to nothing: answer a bunch of straightforward questions and find out where you may stand on the props.

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Who we are

We are a couple of wonky nerds (or nerdy wonks??) whose idea of a good time is to pick a topic to debate both sides. We bring this drive for understanding both sides of an issue to "Gimme Props." While the questions and answers in "Gimme Props" may contain some personal biases, we have made an effort to keep the questions simple and based largely on the text of each proposition.

John Osborn D'Agostino

John Osborn D'Agostino, aka Bayreporta, is an Oakland-based web developer, data journalist and game designer. He's passionate about journalism games, data visualization and open government. His goal is to make games that incorporate the best of journalistic storytelling and investigation with the best of game design.

Mollie Cohen Rosenthal D'Agostino

Mollie Cohen Rosenthal D'Agostino is a public sector consultant with a Masters in Public Policy from UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy. Among her favorite policy topics are affordable housing policy, transit-oriented land use development and transit-planning. You can typically find her biking around the East Bay, yammering on about politics, food, beer or tarot.

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Answer each question by swiping left/pressing right arrow key if you agree with statement on the right or swiping right/pressing left arrow key if you agree wit the statement on the left. Based on how you answer, we'll tell you what position you might have on the prop. BTW, this is totally arbitary and likely prone to subtle bias.

Rather painless resources to learn more

KQED Election Guide


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Prop List

Use arrow keys or click on arrows to navigate the list of props. When you find a prop you want to figure out a position on, press right arrow or key to enter the quiz. The quizzes shouldn't take any longer than a few minutes to finish.

Also, at any time, press to return to the prop list.

Protip: if you see arrows pointing in a direction, you can click on arrow or press a directional key to move in that direction (swipe if you are on mobile).

Prop 51

a.k.a. Making it rain for school construction

Prop 52

a.k.a. Locking in a scheme to get hella cash for Medi-Cal

Prop 53

a.k.a. You gotta vote on certain state projects over $2 billion

Prop 54

a.k.a. Keeping an eye on the legislative sausage factory

Prop 55

a.k.a. Keep taxing the rich to pay for K-12 education

Prop 56

a.k.a. Make it more expensive to buy tobacco or e-cigs

Prop 57

a.k.a. "Tough on Crime" hangover

Prop 58

a.k.a. How to teach English to students who don't know English

Prop 59

a.k.a How much do you hate Citizens United?

Prop 60

a.k.a. In a porno, wear a condom

Prop 61

a.k.a. Drug prices are too damn high!

Prop 62

a.k.a. Get rid of the death penalty

Prop 63

a.k.a. Ammo control is the new gun control

Prop 64

a.k.a. You wanna get high, legally?

Prop 65

a.k.a. The plastic bag industry strikes back

Prop 66

a.k.a Make it easier to execute death row inmates

Prop 67

a.k.a. Do you REALLY want to ban plastic bags?